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Why would a person want to buy socks?

A sock is one of the most important items of clothing. This type of footwear usually covers some part of the ankle or calf. Generally, a boot or shoe is worn over the socks. In the ancient past, people would use tangled animal hair or leather to make socks.

It wasn’t until the end of the 16th century that people started producing machine knit socks. By 1800, people had already mastered the art of using both machine and hand knitting in producing socks, but later knitting through machines became more predominant than hand knitting.

Benefits of socks

Socks are mainly worn to help absorb perspiration, since the foot is one of the parts of the body that produces a lot of sweat.  A foot can produce more than 0.12 liters of perspiration per day. Moreover, socks can also protect your feet from minor injuries due to friction with the interior of the shoe.

Socks promote the evaporation of the perspiration by absorbing the sweat and drawing it to areas with better air circulation. On the other hand, socks manufactured from wool provide insulation to your foot, which reduces frostbite risks.  Socks are also worn with dress shoes and sports shoes. Even though socks play many functional roles, they are also considered a fashion item that is available in a myriad of patterns and colors.

What are socks made of?

Today, socks can be made from different materials, which include cotton, nylon, polyester, wool, spandex or olefins like polypropylene. However, other materials such as silk, linen, bamboo, mohair or cashmere can be used to improve the level of softness for extra comfort.

With the development of technology, designers can now make socks of any color, as there are a variety of choices available. Apart from the full range of colors, some designers include art to enhance the appearance of the socks. In sports, colored socks are mainly used as a part of the uniform that helps players distinguish their colleagues from opponents, especially when only the legs are visible.

What are popular sock styles?

Socks come in different forms that enable them to either meet their functional roles or fashion needs. These include ankle or bare socks, over-the-knee socks, knee-high socks, toe socks, low cut socks, crew socks, business socks, and an ancient Egyptian style. When worn with boots or shoes, bare socks appear like bare feet. On the other hand, knee-high socks are considered formal clothing or item of a uniform, especially in sports like baseball or football.

Over-the-knee or thigh-high socks were worn by both young girls and boys up to 20th century, but are now considered female garments. These can be the object of fetishism and sexual attraction to some men when worn by adult females.

A toe sock is designed to encase each toe just as a glove encases a finger, while other styles are manufactured with two compartments, one to encase the big toe and the other for other toes. Crew socks are usually unisex and can be used to warm your legs, as they are thick, short and feature a ridge above the ankles.

Finally, a low cut sock that is a type of footwear that cuts below the ankle and is made to cover the feet’s contours. These types of socks are mainly worn with boots and are also considered unisex. Ancient Egyptian socks style combines the features of toe sock style and the style of the modern western socks, which makes it possible for you to use them with sandals.


Overall, a sock is a vital dressing item that plays a crucial role in enhancing our comfort and the dressing code. Socks are now available in different colors, sizes, styles and are produced from a wide variety of materials. This ensures that you have enough options and a chance to choose one that suits your needs.

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