Ask the Socks Guy: What makes socks so expensive?

Q: What makes socks so expensive? How can someone justify charging $18 for one pair?

A: All socks are not expensive. Nearly $20 a pair is kind of high, but I can understand that price point.

Expensive socks are made for and marketed to people who can afford them. They aren’t marketed to or made for people who don’t want to pay that much for socks. Just like there are high-end cars (Mercedes, BMW, Lexus) and low-end cars (Toyota, Jaguar, Ford), there are high-end and low-end socks. Sometimes the only difference between something that’s low-end and high-end is perception. People love to be able to afford something that has been labeled luxurious because they think they deserve the best and they want other people to envy them.

Here at Socks to Buy, our price point is less than $10 because we understand that only some people will pay $20 for a pair of socks, whereas more people will pay ~$10 for a pair of socks.

But that’s not always the case. Sometimes goods that are pricier offer a little bit more than the average that *MAY* justify the higher price tag. An example of this would be using a costly, specialty fabric in the manufacture of a good.

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