Long socks for men

If you buy your long socks for men in a multi pack at your local supermarket, stop it. If you wear socks until the point that they have holes in them and your big toe sticks out the end, quit it.

You gotta because socks in today’s world are as important as any other part of your outfit. Fashionable men need to make sure that their socks stand out as much as the rest of him.


You want your socks to become a part of you and your brand. If you’re wearing your sharp city suit, the last thing you want is for your pants to ride up and show your dirty socks. You also don’t want your new client to get an eyeful of anything they shouldn’t. Make sure your socks fit so you won’t reveal your leg if your pants come up. What you do want people to see, is your fresh, cool socks that show you are important and to seal that business deal.

Not only are long socks for men great for business attire, but they are also an essential for every sportsman out there, offering a combination of style and practicality. Out on the sports-pitch, these socks can suffer the wear and tear of your athletic adventures.


What color should my socks be I hear you ask? Well, who says your socks have to be boring and black? There are no rules in the sock world these days.  Sometimes it seems as if brighter and bolder is the way. Funky socks are a way of showcasing your personality in an understated way.

We have an amazing range of men’s long socks for you to choose from in a range of sizes and colors. These socks are made from premium materials to ensure the days of holey socks are a thing of the past. With a range from anti-slip, to sport socks, we have you covered for all of your male sock needs. Our socks are great value for money too.

Great long socks for men

Here are some of my top picks when it comes to long socks for men:

long socks for menKnee High Soft Compression Socks

Woven from the highest quality thick cotton fiber, these are amazing socks. They are compression socks that allow a good blood circulation to the feet, thus preventing lactic acid build up. Therefore, these socks are perfect for football. They are also soft and cozy, hence making them the best sports socks for kids.

Cotton Men’s Fashion Socks

Made from high-quality thick cotton fiber, these socks are warm hence a perfect wear during winter and autumn seasons. They are available in beautiful patterns which include mustache, beards, and caps. They are anti-friction and breathable hence comfortable. They are also available in the beautiful retro ancient design. They can be worn as men’s business or dress socks.

Combed Cotton Men’s Business Socks

These socks are woven from the finest quality combed cotton fiber. They are available in bright wide and thin stripes. They are absorbent and breathable hence keep the feet comfortable throughout the day. They are a suitable wear during all seasons. They are men’s business socks

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