Where to buy nice socks

There’s nothing like a nice pair of socks. A nice pair of socks can make you feel fashionable, cozy, and secure all at the same time. No one knows why something as simple as a good pair of socks can change your life, but they can, so it’s best to have several pairs.

Now, I know you’re asking yourself, “Are you going to tell me where to buy nice socks?” Yes, but first let’s define “nice” before we get to where to buy nice socks.

What are nice socks?

For some people nice socks are those that have a particular texture or feel. For these people, soft can equal nice, and so can sturdy, durable fabric. Others still may think nice socks are those that have a particular pattern, design, or length. What I’m trying to get at is that nice is a pretty subjective term. What’s nice for you is going to be different than what’s nice for someone else. Keep that in mind as we discuss where you can get nice socks.

Where to buy nice socks?

There are lots of places you can get nice socks.

Your grandma’s house

Where to buy socks -- from grandma

Want to know where to buy nice socks? Hit up grandma. Good old granny. She’s not only the sweetest person you know, she’s also the most self-reliant. As such, granny knows how to whip up biscuits and all manner of stuff from scratch…including socks. Just give granny access to some wool, direct her to her knitting needles and tell her you need some socks and in a few hours you have a nice pair of socks.

Price: Free + A little guilt for having granny become your own personal sweatshop.


Where to buy socks -- online

There are a lot of places online to buy stuff. The internet is like the Wild Wild West of stuff. Whatever you need–weed, a wife, weapons—is available for sale somewhere online. So, it goes without saying (why do I even have to say it?) that you can buy a nice pair of socks online. The only catch is that you have to rely on descriptions and reviews as you are buying goods that you can’t touch physically.

Price: $-$$ + a piece of your soul from comparison shopping


Where to buy socks -- the mall

Physical touching brings us to the next place to buy stuff—malls. Malls may be dying faster than people with the plague, but they are great places to go touch and hold and consider items (including socks) before you go and buy it online. Ha! (Seriously, if you see some awesome socks at the mall, just buy them already. Sheesh.)

Price: $-$$ + an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel or Cinnabon

Retail SuperCenter

Where to buy socks -- retail store

A place that has everything you could need under one roof? Yes, they do exist (Walmart, I’m looking at you…Super Kmart, not so much) and they are usually packed. Even though the stores are crowded, there’s usually only one or two people working in the store. That makes it hard to actually buy what you want without waiting in line for a year. But yeah, whatever… they usually have a smallish selection of decent socks.

Price: $ + Years of your life you just can’t get back.

Dollar Store

Where to buy socks -- dollar store

Imagine a store that is filled with affordable, yet cheaply made goods as far as the eye can see. Now, if you closed your eyes to imagine such a place, open your eyes silly person! Anyway, I was just being dramatic asking you to imagine, because all you have to do is go down to your nearest strip mall to experience it. Behold the Dollar Store. In the U.S. there’s the DollarTree. In England there’s Poundland and in other places in Europe, they are called some variation of Euro something or other. You can buy socks that will be “nice” for at least one wear there.

Price: $ + Replacement fees cuz you will need to replace those bad boys often.

So, as you can see, buying nice socks is no easy feat because “nice” is a loaded term and there are so many places to find a pair of socks you’ll fall in love with. Just in case you don’t like any of those options, get some nice socks from us…or not… No pressure.

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