Why You Would Want to Wear Socks with Animal Prints

Tiger Animal Print Socks

Why You Would Want to Wear Socks with Animal Prints

If you are a fashion enthusiast who has ever dreamed of walking on the wild side, then you would want to wear animal print socks. The funky socks will give an illusion that your feet have turned into animal paws while giving you the impression that your personality matches the creature.

Animal Prints Show Your Love for Animals

Animal prints not only show that you love animals, they also help you break the monotony of wearing socks with the same style every day. These will also be ideal for you if you have ever wanted to celebrate your obsession with your favorite animal such as horses, cats or dogs by literally looking like these creatures. Therefore, wearing socks with animal prints will allow you to enjoy the obsession at least from the ankles downwards.

Animal Print Socks are Expressive

Apart from being a clothing item designed to protect your feet or keep them warm, the footwear is also a form of expression. It is also a way for you to live out a fantasy in the fashion world. Therefore, whether you want to pretend to be your furry friend or appear like the animal with the character traits you like, you should consider wearing socks with animal prints.

Animal Print Socks Look Damn Good

In most cases, designers use a sublimated printing process and photographs to develop these fantastic novelty socks. Sublimation refers to a high-quality technique of production that fuses the image onto polyester fibers, instead of having the image sitting on top like in screen-printing. This delivers vibrant results while ensuring that the design does not appear broken or cracked like in other processes.

Here are some tips on how to best wear socks with animal prints:

Do not Overdo Things

The first thing that you need to check on when wearing socks with animal prints is exaggerating your gear. Overdoing your outfit will make you look like you are going to a costume party instead of having a fashion show.

Wear Simple Topsanimal print shirt

Wearing simple tops like jumpsuits or a plain black mini dress enables you to show off your fashion sense. This is by maintaining the sophisticated look and emphasizing your animal printed socks.

Avoid Other Printed Accessories

Including other printed accessories, puts you at risk of mismatching prints all over your body while trying to appear trendy. This is a common mistake with many women when it comes to fashion.

Wear Plain Colored Tops

Whether you are wearing animal printed socks or boots, it is advisable to wear them with a plain colored top. The animal prints act as a neutral for your plain colored tops.

Match them with Skinny but short jeans

Finally, the other outfit that brings out the best in animal printed socks is a pair of short, skinny jeans.


Overall, every clothing item we wear is designed to define our personal outlook on fashion. This means that socks with animal prints are no exception as the choice of prints you choose can tell people more about your personality. Besides, these socks offer you an opportunity to enjoy your obsession with a particular animal and assume their features for some time.  It adds to the illusion that you are wearing the paws of the animal that you like.


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